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Our Approach

Plants are more than simple aesthetics. Our design team and horticulturist create entire indoor environments that stimulate the senses. In doing so, we make your people and your customers feel great.

Help improve your air quality, boost moods, enhance creativity and add a sense of tranquility to your surroundings. Whether your indoor space has low light or brightly lit areas we go above the call to freshen up your space.

We pride ourselves on having the highest level of design and service paired expertly with skillfully chosen quality plants and containers. For those environments that are not conducive to live plants, a replica or preserved landscape design can create stunning spaces that you want to look at regardless of the conditions

Our Services

When we do a job, we stand behind our work. And that means keeping each and every plant in pristine health over the course of its life through proactive maintenance and communication.

This includes the following:







Plants are living, changing things. That means unexpected problems and concerns can arise due to a variety of issues including pests, diseases, and other environmental factors.


That’s why we’re constantly monitoring the state of your plants and making sure they’re in optimal shape. Through regularly scheduled maintenance, we’ll make sure your plants are living up to their full potential—that means watering, pruning, trimming, dusting leaves, fertilizing, and rotating your plants so that they’re growing evenly with their light source.

If you see anything regarding the health of your plants that concerns you, we want to hear about it. Any defect or imperfection—no matter how small—will be addressed immediately. And if you need an ailing plant replaced, we’ll make it happen fast, at no additional charge to you.

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The Design Process

Whether you see great design as being original, provocative, expressive, or even indulgent, we work with you to create a great design with purpose. Our interior landscaping designers specialize in selecting office plants, containers and accessories to fit the space, lighting, and ambiance of every office to create stunning interior landscapes.

We're passionate about plants but we also design using: 

  • Art 

  • Flowers 

  • Ambient scenting

  • Holiday Decor

Every interior design that THOBLA creates is the result of a process that starts with: 

  1. A visit from one of our design consultants; talking to the client to get them to vocalize the vision they have is the most important part of the design process. Our designers work hard to fully understand the client's vision to ensure the team delivers on the brief. 

  2. The designer will then carry out a survey; including measurements and light readings for planting schemes. 

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