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About Us

Led by our founding creative director and designer O'Mara Allen, The House of Beauty La began as a design space for creatives and 5 years later blossomed into an intimate bespoke design studio.

Since then we have built a small powerhouse team of skilled and passionate designers from several diverse backgrounds. Inspired by flower fields, high drama graphics, and the Parisian flower market our small studio has expanded to include a full-service prop fabrication, preserved floral sculpture, botanical interiorscape, and unparalleled event design.

We combine our expertise in Horticulture, Architecture, and Graphic Design with our love of flowers and decor to nurture every project to mirror your unique story and translate your dreams into designs using only the best blooms, plants, colors, textures, and scents.

To maintain a culture of high quality for our clients we focus on what you want and how we can best deliver. With this in mind, we only choose to work with the best flower and plant nurseries, trustworthy vendors, and fresh innovative minds behind the scenes. 


Every flower Has a story.

- O'Mara Allen 
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